Saturday, February 23, 2013

Christmas. A look back at two months ago.

Visits with cherished friends.

Our first night in our first home.  A priceless moment.  

Heavy lifting.

Indian Food with Grandpa Pops.

Night before Christmas jammies.  Traditions continue.

Tired Santa working hard to assemble this tricycle.

How lucky is Chloe to have them in her life.

Always making me laugh.

A house full of love at my In Laws.

She loves her Uncle Matt. 

Chloe couldn't get enough of Grandma Locklins six Christmas trees.

Flour Fusion, Wildomar, CA.  Have you been?

With Tia!  These two have the sweetest exchanges.

Drippy candles, Italian food and this man.  A dreamy night.

Birthday date night with my handsome man.  He's born on the 27th of December  

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