Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And we celebrated!

We were so lucky to have such great friends in town for the big celebration.

Making her first wish, all on her own.

Jaiden getting air.

Great friends- since age 5.

Snuggles with Sawyer.

What a great dad he is!
Our little bloom was really happy with her balloons and cupcakes.  That's pretty much all she knows about birthdays so far.  Although I think she figured out the candle and wish thing this year.  Kevin and I were so proud to watch her blow out her candle all on her own.  She loved being sang to also.  We were so lucky to have friends in town for the weekend so we decided to celebrate a week early.  We had a small party with a few local friends the next weekend.  And after two weeks of celebrations, we were partied out.  But it sure was fun.  And our little lady is two!  

(Only a month late on posting.  October is a sticky month for me this year, so I'm cutting myself some slack. )  

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Nicole said...

What a pretty party! Wow, Chloe is two already. That's nutty. How fun that you celebrated two weekends in a row! Wish we could've been at her soiree. It looked fun! Next time...

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