Monday, February 13, 2012

A gift from Dada.

To provide our little bloom with more play area, Kevin made this 6'x4' Chalkboard.  It's the perfect weekend DIY project.  All you need is this chalkboard paint, primer and MDF board.  

Cut the board to the size you'd like, 
primer it,
paint, allow time to dry and paint paint again.  
Wait 72 hours,
then draw to your hearts content.  Chloe uses her sidewalk chalk.  It's just the right size for developing her fine motor skills.  I'm itching to get some of these chalkboard markers.

Most mornings, after breakfast, we play on the patio.  And repeat that in the afternoon.
Here is what she and Kevin drew the other day.  

Kevin came up with this project for her all on his own.  What a sweet dad!

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