Saturday, September 10, 2011


In a few short weeks our little bloom will be ONE.  I can hardly believe how quick time has passed and how much she has grown.  There have been a lot of developments lately, they happen daily really.  It's tricky to keep up with the documenting. 

In the last few days Chloe consistently will use her sign language to tell us:
she is hungry by signing more or milk,
when she would like more,
and when she is all done.
It has been so helpful when she gets fussy to ask her if she is hungry and get a yes or no.  I'm so happy I decided to try a few signs, it has cut back on the guess work a lot.  Now I am excited to learn more signs to teach her. 

Our bloom has been babbling a lot too.  She has cooed for a long time but now she is really starting to imitate sounds and voice patterns.  She is even saying, "Dada" and "Mama", but not necessarily to us.  It melts our hearts just the same. 

Cruising from place to place in the house using the furniture as props keeps her entertained for hours.  We spend lots of time playing on the floor together and reading books.  She loves books and now turns the pages herself.  She has begun to point at objects she is learning.  Kevin is working on her recognition of a Robot in one of our books; typical Engineer.  wink.

Chloe has lots of energy and naps are still our biggest struggle.  I tell you this girl's energy seems boundless.  I wish it rubbed off on me.  I still feel really tired daily.  I guess it's just part of the package.  We are gaining more of a routine as I see her patterns change, though she really, really refuses to nap many days.  My back up plan is an afternoon drive.  A few minutes in the car and she is quickly lulled to sleep and I find a shaded spot to park and read.  It's not perfect but it works.  Last week I could hardly hold my eyes open while reading in the shade, I took a snooze too.  I can imagine we gave a few people passing by a giggle.

She laughs often, is really friendly, waving at people everywhere we go.  She is very determined and inquisitive.  I'm excited to see how her personality develops and grows.  Our little bloom has a lot of spunk.

I'm pretty certain the next year is gonna go by more quickly than this one has.  Sometimes I want time to stand still so I can hold onto her tininess.  

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The Edison's... plus two! said...

time really does seem to pass quicker each year, but it also continues to get better and better (although i know it seems like it couldn't possibly). thanks for making me laugh with your car/shade/nap story. that's actually a very clever idea!

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