Thursday, April 15, 2010

asian adventure

some of you may already know, kevin recently had the opportunity to travel to both vietnam and hong kong for his international business class at the university of california at irvine.  while i was uber bummed to not come along, i was thrilled he was able to have the adventure.  he had the most amazing time touring the cities and learning more about the business world and culture in two very different countries and economies.  he also had the opportunity to visit with friends who retired back to vietnam and spent lots of time with his class teammates, who have become really great friends.

some of the highlights were riding on the back of moped through the busy streets of ho cho mihn city, the glass bottom cable car that brought them to the top of a hill beside the giant buddha and monastery, many delicious meals, speaking at the saigon institute of technology,  touring intel, enjoing the local culture and their farewell dinner at the top of victoria peak.

having dinner with friends damin, leanne and their family.
the team: matt, mike, erin and kevin (alpa was on maternity leave with sweet baby dev).

p.s. these pictures were my favorites.  if your interested in seeing more, here are the links to hundreds more.  vietnam, hong kong and videos from both countries.

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Krystal said...

Thanks so much for posting, you guys! What amazing experiences! Kevin, I'm so eager to hear about what you thought about the trip to Southeast Asia!

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