Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh my heart these days, somewhere in between sheer devastation for the families in Newtown, CT and overwhelming gratitude for my little one at my feet.  I'm not sure if it's being a mama or if everyone feels this deep ache for the families of those beautiful children.  I've hid from the news the last few days, my heart can't take anymore.  But daily, I'm saying a prayer, lighting a candle and hoping they all find the hope, faith, strength and love to carry on day by day.  I'm certain your hearts are feeling the same.

Only a week ago, I was thinking about how busy these days have been.  The holidays send all of us into a tailspin of lovely parties, playdates, gift buying, tree trimming and how I really enjoy all of it.  But this year, I want to let some of it slide and be present and not too overwhelmed to sit and read 100 Christmas books a day with my little bloom.  So that is exactly what we've been doing.  Sitting tree-side and reading together.  (Between, parties and playdates, and park trips and errands.)  The house has fallen to pieces and I'm certain my sweet husband walks through the door wondering if we've been ransacked by wolves while he's been at work, by the magnitude of toys filling the living room floor.  But I'm letting it go, if only for another few hours so that we can simply sit and be present and focus on, what truly, deeply matters most.

On a gifting note:  I saw these prints for sale in benefit of the Sandy Hook families, I knew I could be of support from a far by sending some funds and writing a letter of love to those who need it most.  I thought I'd share, just in case you, my lovely, faithful, 11 readers, were interested, too.  They would be perfect for children's rooms, play rooms or any place that needs a dose of color and encouragement in your home or office.

Also, the post office has set up a PO box for condolences, drawings and love to be showered upon the Sandy Hook families:

Messages of Condolence for Newtown
PO Box 3700
Newtown, CT 06470

I'm not sure what I'll say yet, but I'll be sending some love via snail mail for certain.  
Operation Sandy Hook on Brickyard Buffalo.  Here.  There are several more prints to pick from.  All for $5 a piece and you print them from home.  Add a frame and instant art.  Only 6 more days left for the deal and giving.
Print by Caravan Shoppe.

Print by Maypole Handlettered.

Print by Kelli Murray.

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