Sunday, December 18, 2011

First trip to Santa.

"Have a good day at work, Daddy."(heart melting)

The headband lasted about 2 minutes.

So tentative.  Santa was a little sketchy.  I'm proud of her instincts.

Around here, life has been busy.  We've been preparing for family, whom begin arriving tomorrow.  It will be so fun to have the house full, even though the holidays are deeply different without my sweet mama.  This week we spent time grocery shopping and unpacking to prepare for visitors.  We also made a trip to the Scottsdale Fashion Square to see Santa.  Chloe wore a special dress my mom gave her for her first birthday.  To be honest, that morning I balled my eyes out as I got her dressed.  (It was involuntary.)   I ache to share these moments with my mom and wished my mom got to see her all dressed up for Santa.  I'm not sure Chloe was a fan or perhaps she was put off by the crying kids in line ahead of her.  I got a few glances, like, "uh, mom, where are you taking me?".  Memorable, all the same.

P.S. Our trip to California was brief but so nice.  Baby Sawyer is so tiny and scrumptious.  I'll share a few photos soon.


Anonymous said...

N&M love the pictures of Chloe!
She is so cute! Luv ya, Lori

The Edison's... plus two! said...

oh my goodness. Her dress is precious, and even more special that it cme from your mom. Ian didn't fair well with Santa, but I can't blame him. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. Much love.

Kari said...

The picture of Santa and Chloe makes me laugh out loud! Her face says it all and his face..umm...yeah. Also, I love her outfit! Such a cutie! Kisses to Chloe!

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